Cerwin-Vega Mobile is always pursuing new technology in this modern age. Combine that with timeless design and you have our brand new Vega series amplifiers. The new Vega series amplifiers utilizes the latest high efficiency full-range digital topology design to deliver greater power in a much more smaller footprint than previous Vega series models. Manufactured with the latest in surface mount component technology and building on the foundation of an industrial grade 4-layer PCB, there was no compromises made when we designed the Vega series amplifiers.

The multi-channel V400.2 and V600.4 are equipped with single sided connections and designed with top panel mount controls for easy accessibility for system tuning. Both models over deliver on power. The 5-channel V1100.5 model is the latest addition to the Vega series and offers the same feature sets while providing tremendous flexibility and installation options for any car audio system design. The full-range digital Class D mono-block models V750.1D, V1000.1D, and V1500.1D are highly efficient amplifiers that can play all day long under the most demanding conditions of use.

Move forward with the Vega series amplifiers from Cerwin-Vega Mobile!

Cerwin Vega V750.1D
750W Monoblock Class D Car Amplifier
Latest High Efficiency Full Range Digital Topology
Surface Mount Component Technology with 4-Layer PCB
Compact Size with Single Sided Connections and Top Mount Controls
Convenient Output Clip indication for easy system set up
750W X 1 @ 1Ω, 550W X 1 @ 2Ω, 350W X 1 @ 4Ω RMS Power
Crossover: 30 Hz – 300 Hz
Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 250 Hz
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