The experience of designing and engineering Cerwin-Vega Mobile amplifiers for the past 60 years have provided much valuable data for our engineers to deliver the most powerful, stable, and most reliable high-performance amplifiers in the world. With that said, Cerwin-Vega Mobile introduces the brand new and limited edition Stroker Pro series amplifiers. Big power, Big performance, Big everything! You know the old saying, Go Big or Go Home!

The new Stroker Pro delivers on all of the above and is powerful enough to drive even the most inefficient speakers out in the market and bring out its fullest performance capabilities to dramatic levels of clean, distortion-free sound. Rugged enough to play all day long in the harshest of conditions, the limited edition Stroker Pro amplifiers are destined to become the new standard setters in their power class.

The high-powered 4-channel SPRO1400.4 is ideal to deliver serious juice for those power-hungry pro audio type speakers that can be heard from great distances. The Stroker Pro mono-amplifiers which includes the SPRO1600.1D, SPRO2100.1D, SPRO2600.1D, and SPRO3100.1D all have robust 1/0 gauge power connection for maximum current transfer. Strapping capabilities with master/slave control gives you the option of adding even more power to your system set up utilizing all Stroker Pro equipment.

We listened to the Vega Nation and to commemorate our 60 Year-Anniversary, we proudly bring back the latest rendition of the Stroker Pro series amplifier!

Cerwin Vega SPRO1600.1D
1600W RMS 1-Channel Class D Car Amplifier
Robust 1/0 Gauge Power Connections for Efficient Current Transfer
Fan Assisted Vector Flow Cooling for Maximum Heat Dissipation
Mill Spec Multi-Layer PCB for Hi-Current Capabilities
Remote Level Control/VEGA Bass EQ circuit
1600W X 1 @ 1Ω, 900W X 1 @ 2Ω, 600W X 1 @ 4Ω RMS Power
Crossover: 40 Hz – 250 Hz
Frequency Response: 10Hz – 250Hz
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839,00 € / kpl
Certifications Ei
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